Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On My Needles: Mittens for Beginners

(**If you are a complete beginner...never held a set of needles before in your life...there are just THREE classes (and some practice on your own) between where you are now and being ready to knit this project! Seriously.**)

I am referencing a bunch of books and patterns and am writing my first real knitting pattern. I am really loving how it is coming together!

Mittens for beginners knitted on straight needles.
Anyone who has knitted mittens understands that they are normally done on double-pointed needles. Well, this pattern allows them to be knitted on straight needles (easier for beginners) and then sewn up the side when they're finished. So, they will have a seam, but how proud will my beginners be when they learn-to-knit a pair of mittens? In their fourth-ever knitting session no less! They will learn to read and follow a more detailed pattern, and how to increase and decrease stitches. All great skills they will apply countless times in the future.

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