Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On My Needles: Mittens for Beginners

(**If you are a complete beginner...never held a set of needles before in your life...there are just THREE classes (and some practice on your own) between where you are now and being ready to knit this project! Seriously.**)

I am referencing a bunch of books and patterns and am writing my first real knitting pattern. I am really loving how it is coming together!

Mittens for beginners knitted on straight needles.
Anyone who has knitted mittens understands that they are normally done on double-pointed needles. Well, this pattern allows them to be knitted on straight needles (easier for beginners) and then sewn up the side when they're finished. So, they will have a seam, but how proud will my beginners be when they learn-to-knit a pair of mittens? In their fourth-ever knitting session no less! They will learn to read and follow a more detailed pattern, and how to increase and decrease stitches. All great skills they will apply countless times in the future.

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Yarn Heaven...

If there were such a thing, this would be it!

PURL in NYC's SOHO neighborhood. In April, they moved from a beautiful but tiny space. This new location also houses PURL Patchwork, the sister store for sewing and quilting.

I've had the treat of visiting the new location twice - once with my mom for Mother's Day and once with my girlfriend Jenelle. PURL's blog is very *inspiring*. Check it out, and add it to your Favorites.


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

St. Mark's Family Fun Day

Here we are at St. Mark's Nursery School's Family Fun Day on June 12th. I met a bunch of great women who are interested in learning to knit and invited them to come and try it out at the free intro session. Jack really enjoyed the face painting, moon bounce and magic show.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Thank you Denise and Jenn for your kind words! xo - k.

The box from Mrs. Muller

We were saddened when we learned that Jack's teacher, Mrs. Muller, lost her mom this year. When she flew down to Florida for the sale of her mom's condo, she came across all of her knitting goods. So she shipped a box up to New York for me. She is just the kindest woman, and this is just one example.

What a treasure, and I am happy to keep her mom's items in use. Look at all those needles!

Note to my knitters: I now have some duplicates, so let me know if there's a size you could use.

My new postcard

I signed-up to have a table at the mini-carnival at Jack's preschool this weekend. I'm no graphic designer, but I worked up this postcard to hand-out and to send to some friends who have said they are interested in learning-to-knit. I will be off to Staples to get them printed since there's no time for Vistaprint.com.

While we're on the design topic, my dear friend Sarah Barr in Virginia is going to design a logo for me. She told me her ideas this morning, and I bet it will be pretty awesome! It will take a little time because she has an adorable four-month-old, and she works part-time, and she's also designing things for our friend Surya who is a photographer in Colorado. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Janes

This is my newest project for beginners up on my website.

My beginner knitters will learn how to make these in just one session. As always, I offer *FREE* tutorials for my knitters, so if you are stuck on the second slipper when you get home, just swing by for help!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The beginner knitters return...and learn-to-PURL

My first group of knitters returned tonight for the Beginner Class #2. They showed-off their work from the first session. Then I presented some knitting basics, including how to decipher the label on a skein of yarn and understanding a basic knitting pattern. Then we moved on to the PURL stitch.

They left with a few inches completed and are on their way to making their first knitted holiday gifts.
I have 6 more women beginning this Saturday, so stay tuned!

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Our first Learn-to-Knit session!

My first group of women came by on Saturday, May 22 2010 for my *free* intro Learn-to-Knit session. They did great. They are returning soon for Beginner session #2 where they will learn-to-PURL!