Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introducing baby Charlie!

Introducing our new baby boy!

Charles William Preston
Born on Thanksgiving Day - November 22, 2012

We love him to pieces.  Expect to see more of him, because as you know, I love to work up baby knits.

Here he is at three weeks old, modeling his Puerperium Sweater which was knitted with love by his Gram.
Go here for the *free* pattern.

My new labels from  They have a huge selection.  These were woven (vs. printed) in France and delivered in about 4 weeks.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FO: The Owlet

The Owlet is finished, and I am completely in love with this sweet little sweater.  See my progress photos here.

Having fun with KNITCOL

On a recent trip out of town and a visit to the local yarn shop, my aunt discovered KNITCOL by Adriafil.  Yay!   She picked up a skein for my mom, who used it to work up this sweet little baby hat.  It's self-striping, almost giving the look of fair isle, and is 100% merino in DK weight.  It's available in about a dozen colorways.  See them here.

Care to Knit

Here's the latest donation our group made to Care to Knit.  A few scarves and dozens of hats for adults, children, and babies in need.  To learn more about Care to Knit or to donate hand-knit items, visit

Many thanks to Shelley, Judy, Lori, Mary, Joann, and Ginny for knitting these beautiful gifts!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On my needles: Owlet Baby Sweater

I'm thrilled to begin the Owlet Baby Sweater by Kate Davies.  As you can see from Kate's photo below, it's pretty sweet.  I put it on my Knit List for 2012, and here we are in August.  It will be perfect for a little one to wear this Fall. Can't imagine whooooo. ;-)

It's my first time knitting with Madeline Tosh. This superwash hand-dyed 100% merino wool is gorgeous. Worth every penny to make this handknit sweater extra special. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

FO: Puerperium Baby Cardigan

The Puerperium sweater is finished-off, and here is my adorable niece Charlotte modeling it.
Go here for more about the project and a link to the *free* pattern.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Motif 10

I spent the weekend with two great girlfriends on Palm Beach in Florida and had time to sneak in a few repeats for Motif 10.  It's named Smooth Sailing - how appropriate!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blocking Motif 9

The motif turned out beautifully.  We addressed cables again and how to work cables without a cable needle.  Once your brain clicks, the technique becomes second-nature, and it is actually quite freeing to work cables without the fuss of a third needle.  I never touched a cable needle for this entire piece.

When it came time to block my work, the reverse stockinette required lots of pins to get a nice flat border.  Don't be shy when you block yours; I promise it won't feel the pricks.

Friday, July 20, 2012

On my needles: The Puerperium Baby Cardigan

I can't help myself.  I love to knit baby sweaters and have a long list of patterns I want to work.  This one by Kelly Brooker of Knit So Quaint has been on my mind for a while.  It's designed for the newest of newborns - hence the name puerperium.  (The six weeks post birth)

It's a tiny little thing, so it may not be worn a ton.  I view it as more of an heirloom - and something made with love that can be worn home from the hospital!

Free pattern available here.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Update: Monthly Motifs

It's now July, and our Monthly Motif knitting is well underway.  

This week, the ladies will join me for lesson #9.   We will knit more cables and learn the technique to work cables without a cable needle.  

Are the patterns getting harder?  Yes.  Are the knitters becoming more proficient?  Yes!

After all, the goal is to become a GREAT knitter.

Read more about the Monthly Motif project here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing the Freedom Blanket

I am thrilled to share my new patriotic pattern for the Freedom Blanket.

Knit one up and donate it to a WOUNDED WARRIOR or a VETERAN in need.

See below for the pattern, or email me if you would like a printable (and pretty) PDF.

Thanks, and please share it with your knitting group!

Copyright: Katie Preston 2012

Size US 17 circular needle in 24" length or longer
3* skeins of Lion Brand Thick n Quick in color Denim, or similar
(*Please note, I used almost every bit of the three skeins.  If your gauge is off, you may require a fourth skein.)
4 extra-large stitch makers
Tapestry needle

8 sts and 12 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch
Please check your gauge, and adjust your needle size if necessary.

Finished Size
24 x 42 inches

PM = Place marker

CO 50 sts
Work 5 rows in garter stitch. (knit every stitch)

Setup row:  K4, PM, k12, PM, k18, PM, k12, PM, k4.

Row 1:  (RS) K entire row, slipping markers as you reach them.
Row 2: (WS) K4, p42, k4.

Rep Rows 1 and 2 for 7 inches, ending with a WS row.  (Tip: you just completed a WS row, a row 2.)

Refer to USA chart below, and note instructions for working RS versus WS rows.

Chart Row 1: (RS) K to second maker, work Chart Row 1 over the next 18 sts, k to end.
(Tip: the chart is worked on the 18 sts between the markers in the center.  To work Chart Row 1, you will k15, p3, reading from right to left.)

Chart Row 2: (WS) K4, p12, work Chart Row 2 over the next 18 sts, p12, k4.
(Tip: To work Chart Row 2, you will k3, p15, reading from left to the right.)

Continue in this manner, working Chart Rows 3 through 70 over the 18 sts between the center markers, ending with a WS row.

Work Rows 1 and 2 and rep until this section of the piece measures approximately 7 inches.  (Tip: you are working Rows 1 and 2,  not Chart Rows 1 and 2.)  End with a RS row.  (Tip: you just completed a RS row, a row 1.)

Work 6 rows in garter stitch, removing the markers as you reach them.

BO loosely knitwise.  Weave in ends.  Give yourself a pat on the back, and ship to Care to Knit!

Copyright: Katie Preston 2012

For a printable (and pretty) PDF
version of the pattern, please send a request by email to

Donations are gladly accepted by:
Care to Knit, Inc.
1940 Deer Park Avenue,  Suite 155
Deer Park, NY  11729

Your Freedom Blanket will be donated to a veteran in need.  THANK YOU for your effort!

Care to Knit, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in New York.  Its mission is to provide hand-knitted and crocheted items to those in need in hospices, shelters, nursing homes and hospitals.

Pinterest members,
pin it here.

Featured by Lion Brand Yarns on
July 2,  2012

Featured by on
July 2, 2012

Care to Knit

Knitting for loved ones is so gratifying, but I am thrilled to announce that I have founded a Care to Knit chapter for those of us who enjoy knitting for other good causes as well.  We meet one evening per month and have been busy knitting scarves, teddy bears, and caps for chemo patients and premature babies.  We are also working on blankets for wounded warriors and veterans in need.  More about that here.

Many thanks to Shelley, Lori, Anita, Barbara, Joann, Judy, Kathy and Mary for all their efforts!

Care to Knit, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in New York.  Its mission is to provide hand-knitted and crocheted items to those in need in hospices, shelters, nursing homes and hospitals.  

Donations can be sent to:
Care to Knit, Inc.
1940 Deer Park Avenue, Suite 155
Deer Park, NY  11729

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jenny Baby Shrug

Bound-off and ready to be shipped with lots of love to my dear friend Jenny in Washington, DC who welcomed her sweet baby girl in April.  

Such a beautiful little shrug.  Read more about the process here.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On my needles: Leaf Baby Bunting

CANNOT wait to show you this one when it's finished...

On my needles: Jenny Baby Shrug

After a few week hiatus, I am cranking through this baby shrug again and am so pleased with the pattern.

Debbie Bliss is one of the greatest masters of baby knits!  Raveled here.

I figure I'm about 80% finished at this point.  Just need to finish the right front, and then pick up and knit the ribbed edging.

I am looking forward to teaching my students this one.  While the stockinette makes it appear relatively simple, there is a ton of shaping to really hone their pattern-reading skills.  (More so, pattern-following skills!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kate's Braided Cable Cowl

After knitting the Sunnyside Baby Cardigan for my sister-in-law with sock yarn, and the Bella Shrug with DK weight yarn for Martha Stewart's granddaughter, I needed a QUICK project. 

My dear friend Surya of Sew Knit Click and I have been drooling over a few chunky cowls on Etsy, so I figured I'd work up a pattern and give one a shot.  Besides, Spring's nearly here, and I still have four skeins of Cascade Yarns' Magnum staring at me.  I chose the soft Doeskin Heather colorway to really show-off the cabling.  You'll notice that I switched from cables to 1x1 ribbing.  The cabling cinches the stitches so much that the width of that section is a few inches less than that of the ribbed section.

I am really pleased with this one.  I also plan to use this pattern for my beginner knitters to teach them ribbing and basic cables. 

For those interested, the pattern is available for purchase here in my Etsy shop.  Use the coupon code LOVEIT for a discount.    

(This pattern was featured by Cascade Yarns on its Facebook page in March 2012.)

On my needles: Saxon Braided Pillow

You know how I am obsessed with hand-dyed yarns.

Well, at the Vogue Knitting convention in NYC, I fell in love with Tess' Designer Yarns from Maine.  Tess' booth was enormous - as big as Lion Brands'!  The yarns were not organized by weight or type, but rather by color.  I can't imagine a more beautiful rainbow.  I chose the Bella yarn, a 2-ply superwash merino, silk, alpaca blend, and on that January day, this soft gray skein called out to me.

So for the last two months, I have been noting ideas for my single skein of Bella.  I finally decided on a pillow with an intricate cable motif.  I just love this yarn and want to see it every day on a chair in my home - and not buried in a basket of sample projects.

Stay tuned!

Oh, here are some photos I snapped at Tess' booth.

Saxon Braided Pillow featured by Martha Stewart's American Made Story here on INSTAGRAM.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When the Martha Stewart Show called...!

"I'm calling from the Martha Stewart Show.  We are looking for a group of local knitters to join us in the audience for a taping.  Shall I go on?"

Um, YES!

So, eleven of my knitters and I were invited for the taping on February 21st.  When we arrived, we learned that the show was not about knitting or even crafting, but skincare instead.  Pretty puzzling, but still great fun nonetheless!  Everything was even more beautiful in person - the studio kitchen, the greenhouse and Martha too.  We left with gift bags of fancy skin products.  Nice!

In the two weeks leading up to the taping, I decided I wanted to knit a special gift for Martha.  Well, really for her granddaughter, Jude Stewart, who will turn one year this month.  So I chose the Bella Baby Shrug.  It is one that I love and have knitted three times prior, and of all my samples, it receives the most compliments. (See more about the Bella Shrug here.)  The producers accepted the gift on Martha's behalf and promised to get it to her.  The next morning, I received an email asking for my address because Martha has a note for me.  Wow!  It has yet to arrive.  Keeping my fingers crossed...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sunnyside Baby Cardigan

I was SO thrilled when I found Tanis Fiber Arts' pattern and beautiful hand-dyed sock yarn at the 2012 Vogue Knitting convention in NYC.  Hand-dyed yarns with a bunch of wild colors are not my thing these days, but I go crazy over hand-dyeds that are sort of monochromatic.  I love subtle color changes and how they vary from slightly to very saturated in color.  Tanis really nails it.  And her free pattern for the Sunnyside Cardigan is exactly what I was looking for.  A simple cardigan with some cabling.  I needed something that is unisex since this one is for a "mystery baby" as I like to call them - my new niece or nephew who is due at the end of April!  As you may have noticed from the placement of the buttonholes, I am guessing it will be a BOY.

Visit Tanis Fiber Arts for your copy of the free pattern, and treat yourself to one of her incredible skeins.  I chose the Purple Label Cashmere blend sock yarn in color Dove.  See Tanis' amazing palette of colors here.

xo -k.

(Featured on in March 2012.)

(Still) On my needles: Cashmere Scarf

Remember this one?

Fifty-seven inches down, and that final skein is slowly shrinking.  Even though the pattern is very easy, I don't mind working on this one.   It is a treat to work with cashmere (a first for me) and the 8-row repeat is keeping me interested.  I have it memorized at this point, so it's a great, portable project.  I can sneak in a row or two when I'm waiting to pick up the boys, etc.

(February 11, 2012 - finished, thank goodness!)