Thursday, March 10, 2011

Combat Knitters: Weapons of Self-preservation

Lt. Cmdr. Jennifer Almy, a Navy physician who started a group called Combat Knitters, knits during a flight from Kuwait to Kandahar, Afghanistan. ( )

A story by Dan Zak from The Washington Post - March 9 2011
Kandahar's Combat Knitters use yarn and needles as weapons of self-preservation
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My favorite part:
"Troops joke that life on the base is like the movie "Groundhog Day." Enduring 18-hour workdays, grappling with an endless parade of patients, traveling the half-mile of unchanging terrain on the base's main thoroughfare - every day is like yesterday, which is like tomorrow.
Which makes knitting crucial. Knitting shows progress. It proves that time moves forward, loop by loop. It demonstrates that a mission, however miniature, can be completed."

(Thank you Howard for sharing this very moving story with me.)

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